Introducing the 
Thrive With Lyme Blueprint: 
Your Path to Transformation!
Are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey towards healing and reclaiming your health? Look no further! Our 12-week expertly guided, at-home online learning program is designed to empower you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to thrive with Lyme.
Get ready to create your very own personalized healing program, tailored specifically to your unique life circumstances and current state of health. Finally a program that is designed specifically for you!!

I believe in the power of individualization, because I understand that your healing journey is as unique as you are. By taking into account your personal needs, I can accelerate your progress and guide you towards lasting transformation.
One of the first steps on your path to recovery is Revealing what's truly holding you back. Our program will help you navigate the intricate world of testing, allowing you to uncover the hidden factors inhibiting your progress. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about your treatment options and embark on a journey of true healing.
Once I Reveal what's holding you back, it's time to Eliminate those toxins, infections and toxic ways other thinking so you can truly make progress.

I believe in staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in Lyme treatment. That's why our program covers both medication and herbal-based protocols, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the various approaches available to you. With this knowledge, you'll be equipped to make choices that align with your preferences and values, empowering you to take control of your healing process.
Optimal detoxification is a key component of your journey towards wellness. Through our program, you'll learn the secrets to effective detox practices, from the best supplements to personal detox strategies that truly work. By eliminating toxins and infections causing your symptoms, you'll pave the way for a vibrant, healthy life.
Thrive right now, because healing is not just a's a way of living. 
I'll show you how to supercharge your healing process and achieve your health goals faster than ever before. With our guidance, you'll tap into your inner strength, harness your potential, and create a life filled with vitality and purpose.

But you won't be alone on this incredible journey. As part of our program, you'll have exclusive access to 12 weekly 1-hour coaching calls with me, Dr. Tom Moorcroft. This invaluable opportunity will provide personalized support, guidance, and accountability to keep you motivated and on track towards success.

In addition, you'll enjoy a monthly guided healing experience, personally led by me. These transformative sessions will deepen your understanding, enhance your progress, and provide an immersive healing experience like no other.

I firmly believe in the power of community support. That's why I've created the Thrive With Lyme Facebook group, exclusively for program participants. This vibrant online community will connect you with like-minded individuals who understand the challenges and triumphs of your journey. Together, we'll celebrate successes, share insights, and uplift one another as I navigate the path to wellness.

Remember, healing is a holistic journey that requires action, support, and inspiration. Don't wait any longer to reclaim your health and live life to the fullest.

This is where you learn to Thrive despite Lyme disease. The entire program is set up to reveal the hidden toxins and other issues that are holding you back, help you eliminate them and every step of the way, learn how to create a healing lifestyle that not only allows you to overcome Lyme, but start thriving today.

Join the Thrive With Lyme Blueprint today and embark on a transformational experience that will empower you to thrive. You deserve it!

Thrive With Lyme Blueprint 12 week at-home online learning program 
(VALUE $1297)
12x weekly 1-hour coaching calls with Dr. Tom
(VALUE $3000)
3x Monthly guided healing experience
(VALUE $1500)
TWL Facebook group - for the duration of the program
(VALUE $750)
Tom’s preferred products, supplement discounts
Dr. Tom’s Grounding Mini-Retreat 
Relax & Revitalize eBook and guided meditation
Tom's preferred products and supplement discounts: Benefit from Dr. Tom's extensive knowledge and experience by gaining access to his recommended products at discounted prices. These high-quality supplements will support your healing process and ensure you have the best tools at your disposal.
Exclusive supplements and herbals: As a coaching client, you'll have access to a selection of supplements and herbals that are only available to participants in the program and not to the general public. This exclusive offering, including the powerful ThaenaBiotic, is carefully curated to optimize your healing potential and provide targeted support.
Igenex lab testing: While not included in the program cost, you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of Igenex lab testing at a specially arranged discounted rate. This comprehensive testing option will provide valuable insights into your condition, enabling you to make informed decisions about your treatment and take your healing to the next level.
Other labs: In addition to Igenex testing, you'll also have access to other lab options, such as mycotoxin and LPS/endotoxin testing. These specialized tests can uncover hidden factors that may be holding you back, allowing for a more targeted and effective approach to your healing journey.
Dr. Tom's Grounding Mini-Retreat: Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with this transformative three-session guided grounding retreat. Focusing on calming your nervous system and reinvigorating your self-healing mechanism, this mini-retreat is valued at $197 and offers a rejuvenating experience that will leave you feeling centered and revitalized.
Relax & Revitalize eBook and Guided Meditation: Unwind, rejuvenate, and find inner peace with the Relax & Revitalize eBook and guided meditation. Valued at $47, this resource will provide you with practical tips and techniques you can start applying at home today as well as a soothing guided meditation to help you release tension, promote healing, and restore vitality to your body and mind.
These bonuses are our way of going above and beyond to support your transformational journey. By providing you with additional resources, exclusive access, and expert guidance, I am committed to helping you thrive on your path to healing. Embrace these valuable tools and elevate your experience in the Thrive With Lyme Blueprint program. The possibilities for your health and well-being are limitless!
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